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Gleaming Spires

Songs Of The Spires

Release Notes
  • Available on the following color vinyl variants:

- “Lemon Meringue” (Yellow)
- “Blue Movie” (Blue)

Songs Of The Spires
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Songs Of The Spires
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Songs Of The Spires
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Songs Of the Spires, the 1981 debut album by Los Angeles’ GLEAMING SPIRES is plucked from time tasting as zingy as a freshly baked lemon meringue pie. This forgotten gem is a cocktail of catchy melodies and skewed humour resulting in an exciting and delightfully bizarre strain of New Wave. For the first time since it’s original release back on the legendary label Posh Boy back in the early Eighties, Songs Of The Spires is rereleased in a deserving redux fashion by FUTURISMO.

Songs Of the Spires demonstrates a rare brand of insidious pop via ten tracks of quirky heaven, perhaps something well crafted and eccentric as you would expect from Sparks alumni (Leslie Bohem and David Kendrick moonlighted in Sparks, for which the Mael brothers returned the favour by providing liner sleeve notes).

Maybe the LP should most importantly be noted for it’s inclusion of the college radio megahit ‘Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?’ as featured on every valley girls car stereo, or being featured in several films of the era including the 80’s screwball frat classic Revenge Of the Nerds (1984).

This remastered redux FUTURISMO release comes with new exciting artwork utilising the original illustrations by Kevin J. Walker and fills in the memory gaps with a brand new Artzine containing images and lyrics. It also comes on heavy 180gm coloured vinyl, including an additional track to it’s original release. So now you too can see the world through absurdist eyes via the nuance of GLEAMING SPIRES devious tongue in cheek pop!

GLEAMING SPIRES could be your new favourite old band, so bake a pie, make yourself comfortable and get In-Spired!