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13th Floor Elevators

The Complete 13th Floor Elevators IA Singles Collection

Release Notes
  • Eight 45 RPM singles cut by DMM utilizing 24-bit digital masters at Abbey Road
The Complete 13th Floor Elevators IA Singles Collection
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13th FLOOR ELEVATORS “The Complete 13th Floor Elevators IA Singles Collection”: The info is all in the title—this lavish box set contains replica editions of all the U.S. singles by one of the all-time greatest psychedelic bands! If that’s not great enough, it also includes the mega-rare pre-Elevators single as the Spades—virtually no one has this $2000+ single, so it’s only fitting that it should be part of this collection! Here’s what you get in this stunning box: ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ b/w ‘We Sell Soul’ (the Spades zero label 45, with different version a-side to the Elevators version); ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ b/w ‘Tried To Hide’ (IA 107); ‘Reverberation’ b/w ‘Fire Engine’ (IA 111); ‘Levitation’ b/w ‘Before You Accuse me’ (IA 113); ‘She Lives’ b/w ‘Baby Blue’ (IA 121); ‘Slip Inside This House’ b/w ‘Splash 1’ (IA 122); ‘I’m Gonna Love You Too’ b/w ‘May The Circle Remain Unbroken’ (IA 126); ‘Livin’ On’ b/w ‘Scarlet And Gold’. (IA 130) Every 45 is reproduced exactly like the original singles (large hole centers), with the exception of ACME catalogue numbers inscribed on the disc run-out grooves. The full colour glossy box also comes complete with an informative booklet detailing every single release, rare photos and a reproduction of their rare French EP sleeve and German picture sleeve single. This official Elevators ACME singles edition has been transcribed from the best sources possible, ensuring maximum sound reproduction.