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Marc Barreca


Release Notes
  • Original dead stock copies of this 1980 album.
  • RIYL K. Leimer, Harold Budd, Brian Eno.

From Other Music: “Palace of Lights was a label run by Pacific Northwest composer K. Leimer (reissued recently by RVNG Intl), who created an amazing array of concise post Eno/Hassell ambient soundscapes. We’ve found pretty much all of it to be more than worthwhile, but outside of Leimer’s own work it’s Marc Barreca’s Twilight album, released in 1980, that has resonated the most. While Twilight shares many affinities with Leimer, Cluster, Roedelius, Woo, as well as the aforementioned Brian Eno, it still maintains its own singular vision. The mostly shorter works limn some weird zone in which avant-garde new age meets abstract minimal synth-pop excursions. It’s almost crazy how timely this still sounds! Snatch these up as they’re super cheap and won’t be around for long.”

Note: As with almost any record that has remained sealed in storage for thirty years, some of these copies will have some slight dish warp, but provided you have the tone arm of your turntable weighted correctly it should not have any effect whatsoever on its ability to play.