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The Dagoes


Release Notes
  • Sixteen sublime tracks of Australian power pop, finally re-released and available to music enthusiasts worldwide!
  • First ever US release
  • Two previously unreleased tracks

Every so often a lost nugget of a band comes along and has you asking yourself, “How have I not heard this before?” Likely for the great lot of music foragers, The Dagoes is one of those bands. Active from 1979 to 1983, this motley group of Adelaide scene makers (at one point reaching nine onstage members), propelled by a crafty songsmith in Neil Perryman (AKA Tony Rome), were the godfathers of the city’s burgeoning music scene. Infamous for their spirited and unpredictable live shows and brandishing comical, pseudo-Italian monikers, The Dagoes raised the Rock n’ Roll roof, with their own brand of ’60s garage, ’70s bohemian rock and British punk. The recordings on ‘Supreme’ were previously only available through a handful of very limited seven inches and released on band member Doug “Frankie” Thomas’ own indie imprint Greasy Pop Records. This compilation documents the sublime, if short-lived chemistry of a largely unnoticed band. Sly, crafty pop anthems, a charismatic frontman, analog keyboards and female back up singers – What else could you want?!