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Soft Opening.

Release Notes
  • Pink Vinyl
  • Mad Pitchfork love – Best New Track, “Rising” feature, and 7.9 review!
  • Includes download card of entire album.

Posse sound exactly like the band they want to be, recalling a less bookish Galaxie 500, or Yo La Tengo driven by a equivocal, platonic friendship. On slower-than-slowcore “Talk”, they’re all but mesmerized by their own torpor, situated somewhere in between Pavement’s “Stop Breathing” and Built to Spill’s “Cleo” in terms of uncomfortably numb guitar heroism. It’s a modest record done confidently – purposeful minimalism that can sound strangely expansive." – Pitchfork

One of the better indie records to grace our delicate ears this year so far. It’s been a joy watching Posse evolve from a scrappy Breeders-esque trio to the more stately, patient unit that surprised everyone with this record. Soft Opening follows Posse’s 2012 self-titled debut and subsequent EP of Smog covers. Soft Opening is not intended to be slick and is not intentionally rough. Instead, it is a degraded reflection of Posse: their optimism, their hopelessness, their limitations – all filtered through their abilities and interests. These songs are blankets designed with soft colors and graceful edges, made to lay over pits of anger and disappointment. They leap from mercurial, spacious leads to malevolent cross-eyed solos. The rhythm guitar drifts and phases while the bass tiptoes atop the drums. Delay by Boss and Akai. Distortion and fuzz provided by Rivera, ZVex, and Ibanez.