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Hartley C. White

This Is Not What You Expect

Release Notes
  • Limited edition of 500.
  • Mastered by Kramer at Noise Miami.
  • For fans of 10CC, Sly Stone, Ariel Pink, WTF?!

This Is Not What You Expect is a collection of material recorded by Hartley C. White of Queens, NY from 1984-­2009. Hartley is the progenitor of a style of music he calls “Whopazootic,” which he has described as “a non­classical music utilizing a broken rhythm". Under consideration is the entire contemporary and past landscape of time and being, from the shape of a joke to the cry of the politically disenfranchised to the observation of flowing water. When we first heard Hartley’s music, we were shocked, and you will be too. No matter how many albums you’ve listened to today, this will be the first Who-pa­zoo­tic one.