A Misteriosa Luta Do Reino De Parassempre Contra O Império Do Nuncamais
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Ronaldo Lindenberg Von Schilgem Cintra Nogueira, a.k.a Ronnie Von (Niterói – Rio de Janeiro, July 17, 1944).

He started his career with the 60’s musical movement known as Jovem Guarda (Young guard, as in vanguard), which was the first manifestation of the Brazilian pop rock movement, getting great success with the songs A Praça (Carlos Imperial) and Meu Bem (a version in Portuguese by Ronnie for “Girl”, the Beatles’ song). Beatlemaniac, Ronnie recorded seven songs of the group from Liverpool in his first album. Joining the naivety of the 60’s, a pretty face and a great voice, Ronnie had much success, mainly with the girls. Since 1966, he has been called O Pequeno Príncipe, the Little Prince, after interpreting a personage of this book, in a TV program.

In the late 60’s, Ronnie recorded two albums that are true relics in the history of Brazilian music. Quite psychedelic, influenced by The Beatles and others, Ronnie made a record called ”A Misteriosa Luta do Reino de Parassempre contra o império de Nuncamais” (Mysterious Battle of the Kingdom Forever against the Empire of Nevermore), followed by ”A Máquina Voadora” (The Flying Machine). Nowadays, only collectors have these records, that had practically been discarded by Philipas at the time. Commercially, the records failed.

Today, Ronnie commands the advertising agency Von Comunicação and hosts a TV variety show called ”Todo Seu” (All Yours).