Latte e Miele


Release Notes
  • LP pressed on RED vinyl & housed in a gatefold jacket

A trio born within the prolific prog scene of Genoa, Latte e Miele debuted with a full-length in 1972, a concept album centered on the Gospel According to Matthew, “Passio Secundum Mattheum”. Due to the three-piece configuration and the strong classical component of their music, the comparison with the more well-known Emerson, Lake & Palmer is almost immediate.

Much more personal is the second LP “Papillon”, released in 1973. Another concept, also original in the story told in the lyrics, which tell of a puppet in love with a young girl: sentenced to ‘death’ because of his ‘heresy’, he will then resurrect as a child himself. Musically, the album is much more fluid and engaging than its predecessor, a perfect example of Italian symphonic progressive rock. The group had some success at the time, they even managed to play in support of Van Der Graaf Generator; critics, however, preferred to point their finger at the similarities with English prog sounds rather than recognizing the undoubted validity of Latte e Miele and their work.

To be counted among the essentials of the Italian prog scene, “Papillon” is now reissued in a faithful replica of the original edition by BTF/Vinyl Magic, including the central 4-page insert which was initially featured inside the LP gatefold cover.

First 500 copies come in a lavish red vinyl.