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Plays Eddy Korsche Rock & Blues

Release Notes
  • Deluxe 180gm LP

This ultra-rare and almost totally unknown LP was the second ever to be released by Help, a small record label that didn’t last long, known to the Italian progressive rock collectors thanks to bands like Quella Vecchia Locanda and Procession. Thanks to the liaison with the Austrian producer Eddy Korsche, the same label released some German artists’ records, together with this “Plays Eddy Korsche – Rock & Blues”, made by gathering together some session musicians as with Blue Phantom or Braen’s Machine.

The main characteristic of this album is its groove that emerges from each of its 12 tracks, some of them sounding like a perfect accompaniment to a car chase typical of some police movie of those years. The real protagonist here is the Hammond organ, dosed in a huge quantity in every song, both as a leading than a backing instrument: Hammond and guitar often exchange their roles, while drums and bass guitar offer a solid rhythmic ground.

“Plays Eddy Korsche…” has also a terrific sonic production, really clear and heavy for a 1970 release.

180gr black vinyl edition, for collectors and audiophiles!