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Alejandro Jodorowsky

El Topo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Release Notes
  • 180-gram vinyl pressing.
  • Mastered from the Original Analog Stereo Tapes.
  • Original gatefold album cover and 4-page booklet.

El Topo from 1970 was Jodorowsky‘s bloody surreal take on the Western genre and was the film that began the phenomenon of the Midnight Movie. Funded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, this film is like a Sergio Leone film on a serious dose of brown acid. Director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s bizarre, blood-soaked blend of spaghetti Western, druggy surrealism, Christian allegory, Zen Buddhist themes and avant-garde sensibilities gave rise to the entire “Midnight Movie” counterculture phenomenon of the early ’70s.

Visually stunning and brutally violent, El Topo shares the avant garde qualities of all of Jodorowsky‘s early films: the soul-baring psyche of experimental theater, the role-playing excess of costumes, props and pageantry, the ritualistic entanglements of violence and beauty as catalysts of transformation, and most importantly the notion of existence as a journey through all kinds of personal and mystical revelations both sacred and profane. Championed by everybody from John Lennon to Peter Gabriel, El Topo remains one of the controversial movies ever made

The soundtrack is comprised of 18 tracks composed by Jodorowsky and John Barham inspired by both the soundtrack work of Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota. Full of flutes and droning horns, accordions and organs and twisted Mariachi styles. The music is as visceral as buzzing flies around the rotting corpse of an evil marauder.

Out on LP for the first time since the original release produced by Allan Steckler for Apple Records back in 1971, this 180-gram vinyl release replicates the gatefold packaging of the original LP and includes its four-page booklet boasting some of the film’s hallucinogenic imagery.