The Canterbury Music Festival

Rain & Shine

If you are looking for ultra-rare Softpop, you’ve come to the right place! Only 150 copies were pressed (in order to establish copyright) of The Canterbury Music Festival’s 1968 album, Rain & Shine, an almost willfully secret psych-pop masterpiece of sorts, on the obscure and collectable BT Puppy label out of New York City, owned by the legendary Tokens, and the source of many rarities from Canterbury Music Festival to the Brute Force classic “The King Of Fuh” (licensed to Apple Records in the UK, becoming their rarest single when immediately banned by the BBC!). Baroque and breezy Psychpop a l Left Banke, Association and Blades Of Grass is the order of the day here – with songs by The Tokens and the enigmatic Steven “Brute Force” Friedland, this is a great addition to the Revola roster of scarily collectable artists in this genre. Contains the complete BT Puppy recordings, including the if possible even rarer singles, and even a completely unreleased song, “Pamela”. One of the rarest albums in all the collectable Softpop genre! Only 150 copies were pressed! Never before reissued! A must for all fans of Softpop.