Ernan Roch

La Onda Pesada

Release Notes
  • Limited to 500 hand-numbered 180gm LPs
  • Includes 4 page insert with liner notes, lyrics and photos
  • Housed in extra have LP jacket

Almost nothing was known about this mysterious record until our friend Enrique Rivas managed to make contact with Ernan Roch, very much like he did with “Kaleidoscope”. Ernan Roch’s album was recorded in Mexico in 1970 together with the band “El Amor” who recorded 3 albums for Capitol Records. His outstanding song “The Train” has a similar vibe than “Damon – song of the gypsy”, with great fuzz guitar all over. Ernan sings all songs in English which is not very common for bands from Mexico. For the first time the official release of the album Ernan Roch with great liner notes and photos. This album is one of the best releases from Mexico. We just love it and it is sooo cool!