The Third Eye


Release Notes
  • 500 numbered
  • Glossy heavy gatefold sleeve / 180 gram pressing / insert

part 1: With the help of many music friends and a lot of patience we could finally arrange a deal to reissue the 3 albums by the South African band THE THIRD EYE for the first time. The original pressing came out on Polydor. Perhaps THIRD EYE is the best band from S.A. with the most innovative and complex music. Most music lovers would vote Freedoms Children as the biggest influence in S.A,. rock but THIRD EYE will share at least half of that cake. In cooperation with Dawn Selby (hammond organ) and her brother Ron (guitar) this project came to life again. They where based in Durban, a coastal city several hundred miles away from the recording and musical hub of Johannesburg and started playing in 1968. The first album AWAKENING came out in 1969 when the female organ player Dawn Selby was only 14 years old. Just imagine her age when you listen to the amazing organ and piano tracks. AWAKENING was released in 1969 followed by 2 more albums SEARCHING and BROTHER just one year later in 1970. What a musical output in such a short time. The band and composer must have sit on a volcano where they just waited to outburst their music onto the rock universe. AWAKENING is the most complex album of the 3 with great brass arrangements, piano, hammond organ, fuzz-guitar and vocals full of soul. Musically going in the direction of bands such as Electric Flag, The Flock’s Dinosaur Swamps, Chicago, The Nice and Al Cooper. Pure Electric Underground of the best sort.