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Undir Áhrifum

Release Notes
  • 500 numbered
  • Heavy gatefold sleeve / 180 gram pressing /2 page insert

In 1969 Trúbrot was the first supergroup ever founded in Iceland. After the début album with vocalist Shady Owens this is the second album released in 1970 without Shady on vocals. After a last concert in Iceland with the original line up they invited Led Zeppelin and became friends with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. When Jimmy and Robert returned to their hotel at four o’clock in the morning they were amazed to discover that the sun was still shining bright. The sight of the midnight sun, the snow capped glaciers and the Icelandic geysers apparently inspired them to write The Immigrant Song for the third Led Zeppelin album. Trúbrot was very much influenced by the electric music of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young by Led Zeppelin and Keith Emerson. Trúbrot went to London to have Orange amplifiers custom-made for the band and to Copenhagen to record “Undir áhrifum” at the Wifoss Studio. The album became best album of 1970. Really amazing male English vocals, great arrangements, guitars, organ. Psychedelic/Progressive Rock of this best kind strongly influenced by British Underground. Trúbrot recorded 2 more albums which will be released on Shadoks too. Tony Branwell of Apple Records was saying these were one of the two best bands he had seen perform on stage in the preceding six months