I'm Only One Man

Release Notes
  • 500 numbered
  • Heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / insert

“Micah” is a very little-known American underground rock band from early 70s. Their music is a great blend of American hard/psychedelic rock style and British art/symphonic rock. “I’m only one man” was created as a suite, each track goes into the next one, very well composed and played on an immense high standard with great Hammond organ, amazing fuzz guitars, powerful drums, driven bass lines and great vocals. This album you would expect from a major release on labels such as Epic/CBS.
Micah is – Gary OHLSON – Organ, Vocals / George WOLFF – Percussion, Vocals / Martin HORNE – Lead Guitarist / Gus HERNANDEZ – Bass Guitar / Bob ROWE – Lead Vocalist. If you like the early albums of Quatermass, If, Cressida, Beggar’s Opera, Arcadium and Deep Purple you will love this one. It is way more sophisticated than other major label releases of the same period. This album make the fuzz guitar aficionados happy as well as those into great Hammond sounds. Extra cool, extra heavy, extra Psychedelic with a Progressive touch.