Beat 4

Habia Una Vez...

Release Notes
  • 500 numbered
  • Heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / insert

We have tried for a long time to release this album since our releases from Chile (Embrujo, Kissing Spell, Blobs, Sacros and others) are incomplete without this beauty from Latin America, 1968.
This is the last of four albums Beat 4 has recorded (plus a later soundtrack) and it’s their most sophisticated LP where they could create their own sounds and ideas for the first time without RCA telling them what to do. Beat 4 was one of the most popular bands in Chile, always in competition who creates the strongest album as good and successful as the Beatles. “Habi Una Vez…” (Once upon a time..) was influenced by theatre experience by Willy Benitez after a long trip to the south of Chile (Patagonia). The album has a strong emotional touch and it is very well composed and played (as most other releases from Chile). If you rather prefer the sound of the Blops, Embrujo and Kissing Spell than to hard Psych from Mexico, you will love this one very much. Transparent, fluid, wide open spaces, emotionally composed, with poetic lyrics and lots of humor. We love this album. We will also release from Beat 4 “Juegos Prohibidos” in a few months.