Make The Day Break

Release Notes
  • 500 numbered
  • Heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 2 page insert

RAIN, Norway’s most well kept secret, not anymore. After the first release of the RAIN album NORSK SUITE we all know how good this band sounds. Very much like Frank Zappa and The Mothers, RAIN’s complex compositions are based on the skills of modern classic composers such as Varèse and Strawinsky. As a strong influence they’ve mentioned Vanilla Fudge. Rain was Carl Jørgen Kiønig – drums, percussuion / Knut Heljar Hagen – organ, synthesizers, vocals / Åsmund Feidje – guitar, vocals.
This album “Make The Day Break” was recorded live in a studio in 1974. After “Norsk Suite” the music of this album takes you a step further. 4 more years developing musical skills, great composition, strong and tightly played.
The title song of the album is just superb, the whole album stunning. We wish we had more recordings of this great band. But that is all there is. A big surprise those 2 albums has been never released before. We love it and the music scene in Norway can be proud of this recording.