Light In The Attic / Burger Records Cassette Subscription Series

Release Notes

+ The subscription grants you first dibs on each of the 14 super limited edition tapes in the series. Each cassette will be available for purchase separately on the release date above.

+ Cassettes are hand-numbered and housed in a custom made Stoughton tip-on box. This type of box hasn’t been used since the 70s! Deluxe all the way!

+ Price includes shipping. Cassettes will ship in one batch of 2 and 3 batches of 4.

Everyone knows Burger Records loves cassettes. Heck, they practically made their name in that game! You know who else loves cassettes? Why, Light In The Attic, that’s who! So it’s only natural that us two distinct and distinguished labels (ahem!) should team up on a slew of incredible cassette releases. LITA founder Matt Sullivan was overheard saying to his pet cat “Burger are the best. It’s not everyday you get to work with folks who love the good things in life: weed, cats and cassettes. I hope with this partnership that they’ll finally let us sleep over more often.” When asked for comment, Matt’s cat simply gave an approving “Meow,” while the Burger Records shop cat Queenie was seen happily licking herself.

Starting May 13th, Burger Records/Light In the Attic will release one cassette a week for the following Light In the Attic releases below. Each tape is hand-numbered and housed in gorgeous old school hand-made tip-on box. C’est magnifique! Keep your eyes peeled as these puppies…er…kittens start to see release, as they’re sure to go SUPER quick! They’ll be available for purchase from Burger Records and Light In The Attic.

MAY 13
Rodriguez – Cold Fact – Limited to 1,000 (ORDER HERE)
Rodriguez – Coming From Reality – Limited to 1,000 (ORDER HERE)

MAY 20
Big Boys – Lullabies Help The Brain Grow – Limited to 500
Big Boys – No Matter How Long The Line At The Cafeteria, There’s Always A Seat – Limited to 500

MAY 27
PiL – First Issue – Limited to 500

Betty Davis – Betty Davis - Limited to 500

The Black Angels – Passover – Limited to 1,500 
The Black Angels – Directions To See A Ghost – Limited to 1,500 

Jim Sullivan – UFO - Limited to 500

Honey Ltd – The Complete LHI Years  - Limited to 500

Karen Dalton – In My Own Time - Limited to 500

Roky Erickson – Evil One - Limited to 500

The Free Design – Kites Are Fun – Limited to 500

Built To Spill – Ultimate Alternative Wavers – Limited to 500