“Amo non amo” (I love you I love you not), the Italian drama film directed by Armenia Balducci in 1979, was an ambitious work at the time, with an exceptional ‘imported’ cast, including Jaqueline Bisset, Maximillian Schell and Terence Stamp . The copies of the films distributed overseas were accompanied by the orchestral score written by Burt Bacharach, while the original soundtrack was composed, unexpectedly, by Goblin.

The compositions of “Amo non amo” are varied, alternating melancholy and intimate pieces with hard rock and funky songs, but retaining the unmistakable ‘Goblin touch’ thanks to the presence of the classic Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli, Agostino Marangolo, assisted by talented Carlo Pennisi (formerly of Flea, Etna, Libra and then in New Perigeo) on guitar and Antonio Marangolo’s saxophone, a regular collaborator of the band.

This edition edited by AMS Records sees the “Amo non amo” OST published in its entirety on vinyl. Among the ‘new’ pieces, in addition to the film version of the main issues, we have a short but wonderful “Amo non amo (alternate tensive film version)” and “Amo non amo (‘Notte’ alternate mix)”: the latter is an entirely instrumental and remixed version of “Notte”, which was originally inserted in “Il fantastico viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark”.

To finally make this a unique publication we have a new cover artwork especially made for this release by the Genoese graphic studio Giant’s Lab, and exclusive contributions on biographical and record information by two of the greatest experts of the ‘Goblin matter’, Fabio Capuzzo and Roberto Attanasio.