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Most X-mas songs cause a kind of allergic reactions by its listeners. In this comp of Country, Soul, indie, Mambo, Reggae, and Blues – Trikont celebrates X-mas tunes you would never hear in a shopping mall or Wal-Mart!

So indeed it is an occasion for record labels to fill this lack with new releases, re-editions and compilations of Rock ’n Roll Christmas, cheesy ballads and swinging holiday songs as well. But Trikont wanted to have the whole thing: A compiled holiday CD with x-mas related songs not only celebrating the festive atmosphere of the holy night but also showing the other side of Christmas.

A good thing for all these people who are not ready to deal with pathetic Christmas classics. Christmas music for everybody who likes wacky cover versions and songwriting with an approach that doesn’t exclude the American Chrstmas Songbook. Country, Soul, Independent, from Mambo to Reggae to Blues – we celebrate Christmas music you haven’t heard in shopping centers before and – that’s guaranteed – doesn’t cause any additional Christmas traumas. There is a whole lot of great Christmas music temporarily forgotten around the year.