Locanda delle Fate

Live In Bloom

Release Notes
  • 180gr. audiophile black vinyl.

The third and last “Live in Bloom” is now available, delivered by another Italian Progressive Rock legendary band such as Locanda delle Fate, who played the Progvention Festival at Bloom in Mezzago (Milan, Italy) on November 6th 2010, together with Garybaldi and Alphataurus.

This release, only available in LP format, is the last one in the series of official recordings from a magnificent and unforgettable night, not only engraved in the LP grooves, but also in the photos enclosed in the gatefold sleeve.

Locanda delle Fate’s today line-up includes four original members – Leonardo Sasso (vocals), Oscar Mazzoglio (keyboards), Luciano Boero (bass guitar) and Giorgio Gardino (drums), the same who recorded the masterpiece “Forse le lucciole non si amano più” in 1977 – and two new ones, Massimo Brignolo (guitars) and Maurizio Muha (keyboards). Thirty-five years later, that first and unique LP, here offered in almost its entirety, still shines in its own bright light!