The Outsiders


Release Notes
  • Exact cover repro w/ deluxe foil sleeve.
  • Liner notes from band members and Mike Stax (Ugly Things).
  • Re-pressed at long last!

With The Outsiders still spoken of in hushed tones in even the deepest circles, we’re thrilled to help shine some light on what might be one of the most under-rated bands ever. Originally released in Holland in October 1968, CQ (pronounced “Seek You”) was the third and final album by Dutch garage punks The Outsiders. These rowdy teenagers from Amsterdam were part of the thriving “Nederbeat” scene with the band taking their cues from British and Stateside garage acts of the day (including singing entirely in English). CQ spans R&B, spacey experimental numbers, folk rock and a revved-up kind of punk that pre-dates the angular moodiness of what would become the no wave/post punk sound a decade later. This unpredictable stylistic approach, when coupled with across-the-board amazing songs, make this one of the masterpieces of late 60’s psychedelic garage rock, and a cornerstone album of the genre.