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Joyce Muniz


Diggers Factory


LP Black $35
  • Pressed on 140g Black Vinyl
  • Black inner sleeve
  • Cardboard with glossy lacquer plastic sleeve


Joyce Muniz already has a story like no other. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, to a family rooted in shamanism and samba, she moved to Vienna in the 90s, becoming a vocalist when the city was a global centre for downtempo and starting her DJ career at Flex Club. In the 2000s she brought an authentic voice to the European baile funk explosion, touring with Major Lazer, and moved into production. She’s since collaborated with other distinct music makers, from Maya Jane Coles to DJ Hell, had a residency on Rinse FM, and released on labels including Get Physical, Permanent Vacation, Pets, International DJ Gigolo and Exploited, the latter of whom released her debut album, 2016’s ‘Made In Vienna’.


Her second album, ‘Zeitkapsel’, however, the German for ‘time capsule’, expands this further – incorporating what it means to be a queer woman in the best way Joyce knows: through her art. Musically, it’s a roadmap of a life expressed through electronic music. With 80s synths meeting hip-hop beats, opener ‘These Days’ is a callback to Joyce’s days in Vienna, now filtered through over a decade honing her studio skills. ‘Joy Toy’ (her nickname) recalls the heady days of electro house, when camp fun was reclaiming the dancefloor. So does ‘Arrivederci Bella’ on which Joyce sings, reprising her early days rapping in Portuguese. The DJ Marky-approved d’n’b of ‘Bangalore Girl’ swims in the sounds and sights of her debut Indian tour, revisiting the music she was discovered MCing over. And closer ‘Tempelhof’ is an ode to Berlin, her current home, and the area that provided a city-wide oasis during lockdown, the track a spacey, Reese-driven vocodered chugger born from Joyce’s confluence of influences.


‘Zeitkapsel’ is Joyce’s personal time capsule. Yet in telling her story, she points to an eternal place where all our collective hopes, desires and dreams come from.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 These Days
  • 2 Grey Skies (feat. Leciel)
  • 3 Imagine (feat. Roland Clark)
  • 4 The Rhythm Is Love (feat. Fritz Helder)
  • 5 How I Feel (feat. Play Paul)
  • 6 Joy Toy
  • 7 In Der Nacht (feat. Karl Michael)
  • 8 Arrivederci Bella
  • 9 Bangalore Girl
  • 10 Never Brushing The Sound (feat. Le3 Black)
  • 11 Beaming Circus
  • 12 Tempelhof