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Dale North

Wargroove 2 (Orignal Video Game Soundtrack)

Ship to Shore


2LP Blue White Swirl $45

SHIPS BY 2024-05-31

  • First vinyl pressing of beloved VG Soundtrack
  • Limited Edition Colored Vinyl
  • New artwork from Drew Wise


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present - in association with Scarlet Moon Records - Dale North’s Wargroove 2 (Original Game Soundtrack), now available on vinyl! The much-anticipated continuation to Chucklefish’s highly rated 2019 turn-based tactical battle game Wargroove, this sequel sees you return to the island of Aurania where trouble is brewing once again… in immensely cute pixel art form! With new foes to vanquish, new units to control and new special moves to groove, Wargroove 2 is everything you could want from this much-awaited follow-up! Taking the soundtrack reigns with true Wargroove spirit is composer Dale North (Dreamscaper, WIzard of Legend), whose use of playful melodies, meditative pieces and epic battle themes becomes a game character all by itself. Previously only available digitally, Wargroove 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) has now been pressed onto a 2LP limited edition colour vinyl set with brand new artwork from Drew Wise. Groovy!

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