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Arnaud Rebotini

This is a Quarantine

Diggers Factory


4LP Black $75
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Find these four LPs in an exclusive box with a soft-touch finish and an insert on the genesis of the project written by Arnaud Rebotini himself.

Throughout this widespread lockdown, I have composed a weekly single, inspired by current events and emerging practices. The idea occurred to me on the first morning of the lockdown. I was in the same situation as all artists; everything had suddenly stopped. There would be no more tours and no more festivals, and the schedule for releasing new records had collapsed. The question was, how could I overcome this forced disappearance and loss of contact with an audience?

I had the idea of writing one piece per week and releasing it every Friday of the lockdown. I decided to open up the project to other artists by inviting them to make remixes, and by asking INA [the French National Audiovisual Institute] to accompany each of the eight EPs by a video created from archival footage.

This created a powerful dynamic among all the artists who participated in the project, as well as with Thomas Bernon, Franck Podguszer, and Joëlle Abinader, who made the videos. I visualized this series as a testimony to our lives on lockdown.

EP1 Minimize Contact Between People
The series starts with a title/slogan that is as chilling as the protective measures themselves. This is the opening sequence of the B-grade sci-fi movie in which we find ourselves.

EP2 Digital Lockdown
We quickly learned how crucial digital technology would be to our lives under the lockdown. We would be able to maintain certain interpersonal bonds through social media, TV, video platforms, and online shopping.

EP3 Chloroquine
The idea for one piece came to me while I was watching the debates around Professor Raoult and chloroquine, along with the armchair cyber commentators who reimagined themselves as epidemiologists, spouting highly simplistic opinions on the issue. Their pronouncements were usually radical, and they sounded as if they were enthusiastic fans, rather than actual experts. These debates led to extremely energetic confrontations, which were at once spectacular and pathetic.

EP4 État Naturel [Natural State]
When I suggested to Jonathan Fitoussi that he could make a remix of one of the pieces in the series, he told me that he was uneasy about doing that and that he would rather collaborate with me on a composition. Of course, we would work at a distance, and so, thanks to the Internet, we were able to compose État Naturel. Besides saving lives, the lockdown has had other positive effects: As human activity slowed down, the earth could breathe again, animal life reappeared in our cities, and pollution declined. This was a return to a more natural state.

EP 5 The Masquerade
One of the major challenges of this health crisis was the shortage of masks. I was struck by the creativity of those who crafted their own personalized masks. It was this creativity that inspired this piece. I worked with the theme of masks as a liberating force. Masks allow us to hide our true identity, and thus free our bodies and spirits to reveal facets of our personalities that would not normally emerge. We can even invent new personalities. As in the tradition of medieval masks, when we wear a mask we can avoid being judged by others while enjoying heightened freedom of expression.

EP6 Workout
This piece is dedicated to home-based workouts, the star of our lockdown activities. The voice encourages fitness buffs as they go through their daily routines.

EP 7 Clean and Neat
On a lighter subject: here I address the problems we have with our haircuts, now that the barbershops and salons are closed. Our need to have something that is clean and neat.

EP 8 To (Wo)men on the assembly line.
In this eighth composition, I honor the women and men who, during this period of strict lockdown, have made it possible for the country to continue to operate. To all those who have kept on doing their jobs: Caregivers, construction and factory workers, those in the agriculture and food sectors—-those whose work, although it is looked down upon and badly paid, is so very essential to the functioning of our society.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Minimize Contact Between People
  • 2 Minimize Contact Between People
  • 3 Minimize Contact Between People
  • 4 Minimize Contact Between People
  • 5 Digital Lockdown
  • 6 Digital Lockdown
  • 7 Digital Lockdown
  • 8 Digital Lockdown
  • 9 Chloroquine Y/n
  • 10 Chloroquine Y/n
  • 11 Chloroquine Y/n
  • 12 Chloroquine Y/n
  • 13 Etat Naturel
  • 14 Etat Naturel
  • 15 Etat Naturel
  • 16 Etat Naturel
  • 17 The Masquerade
  • 18 The Masquerade
  • 19 The Masquerade
  • 20 The Masquerade
  • 21 Workout
  • 22 Workout
  • 23 Workout
  • 24 Workout
  • 25 Clean And Neat
  • 26 Clean And Neat
  • 27 Clean And Neat
  • 28 The Masquerade
  • 29 To (Wo)men On The Assembly Line
  • 30 Trans Europe
  • 31 Chloroquine
  • 32 Workout