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The Book of Lies



LP Black $25
  • Darker & more direct than the following records
  • The perfect introduction into the groups universe
  • Unavailable on both vinyl & digital until now, it is with this entirely remastered version that we invite you to retrace the first steps of one of France’s major rock bands of the 2000s


The first chapter in what would come to be known of the Jack the Ripper trilogy, ‘The Book Of Lies’ is amazingly mature for the now-cult group’s first outing. All the elements that have come to define the band’s sound are already in place here & possessed frontman Arnaud Mazurel’s vocal delivery already seems mature beyond his years.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Dog Meets Wolf
  • 2 Prayer In A Tango
  • 3 Death Of A Writer
  • 4 Haunted
  • 5 In A Bar With Billy Kunt
  • 6 Son Of...
  • 7 The Assassin
  • 8 Liberation