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Philippe Sarde

Sortie de Secours



LP Black $22
  • Soundtrack to the film, “Sortie de Secour”, produced by Alain Delon in 1970
  • Limited edition
  • Pressed on black vinyl


Taken from the archives of the famous composer Philippe Sarde, the soundtrack of “Sortie de Secours” (Emergency exit) was almost impossible to find for more than 50 years!

To the delight of collectors and music lovers, here it is again available in its original LP format. A unique album that already foreshadows all the eclecticism of the musician of “La Grande Bouffe” and “La Guerre du feu” (Quest for Fire). A mixture of jazz, blues, musette and choral atonality, “Sortie de Secours” has also and above all a beautiful melancholic theme, which takes us back to the world of Films Noir dear to Jean-Pierre Melville. In order to preserve all the dynamics of the recording, no compression or amplification was applied during the musical editing process. In short, an audiophile vinyl not to be missed!

Moreover, the film was produced in 1970 by Alain Delon, the unforgettable icon of the “Samouraï” (The Godson). This limited and numbered edition has been carefully mastered from a high-definition transfer of the original magnetic tapes.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Sortie de Secours
  • 2 Hôtel des Familles
  • 3 Mademoiselle S
  • 4 Café du Centre
  • 5 Fantasme
  • 6 Passage Verdeau
  • 7 Messe Noire
  • 8 Square des Innocents