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Smokin' Crack

Not Dark Yet Music


LP Red/White Splatter $28
  • Original is rare at 200 copies
  • Album cover is one of a kind
  • Musically consistent
  • Good R&B


A true obscurity as only 200 copies were ever made, the original Smokin’ Crack LP’s are tough to find and as a result has allowed the music to remain under the radar of many after all of these years. Recorded and released privately in Miami, Smokin’ Crack needs to be heard to be believed. The first collaboration between Tambourine Party Records and Not Dark Yet, this 90’s sounding funk and soul album with titles like ‘Smokin’ Crack’, ‘From Rock to ROCK’ will surprise many. Not to be missed, consistent from beginning to end.

Preview Tracklist

  • Highest Praise
  • Smoking Crack
  • He's a Hero
  • From Rock to Rock
  • Candidate for Jesus
  • God is Every Good Thing
  • Trading Rings