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  • Recorded just before Belle died, the new album is now being released worldwide


Twenty-five years have passed since the band was founded, but it’s clear from listening to the 11 songs on the new album that Paris Combo have lost none of their magic. Quintessentially Parisian, yet timeless and international with a deceptively light touch, their music weaves together elements of Django Reinhardt-inspired gypsy jazz and Latin music, as well as cinematic and various exotic influences, and is a testament to the group’s long journey together.

Four years after their last album Tako Tsubo, Belle and the group’s core members, David Lewis on piano and trumpet, Potzi on guitar and François Jeannin on drums, are joined by Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac on bass and Rémy Kaprielan on percussion and vocals. Right from the outset we recognize Belle’s whimsical take on life in the title she chose for the new album — Quesaco?, a generations-old Provençal expression, meaning “What is it?,” that lends a charming, old-world nuance to her questions about the mystery of existence.

It took Belle’s talent as a poet of the everyday to think of using the computer’s keyboard space-bar as a metaphor for all that’s missing in our lives. It took her keen eye and her joyful heart to capture the simple splendor of a couple’s stroll along the banks of the Seine. It took her playful imagination to visualize a “pole-dance” between the North Pole and the South Pole. And Belle knew how to shift the familiar and lend to it an air of mystery

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Quesaco ?
  • 2 Barre Espace
  • 3 Seine de la Vie Parisienne
  • 4 Panic à Bord
  • 5 Maudit Money
  • 6 Première Guerre
  • 7 Axe Imaginaire
  • 8 Cap ou pas Cap
  • 9 Tendre émoi
  • 10 Do You Think
  • 11 Paresser par ici