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Philippe Sarde

Mort d'un Pourri
LP Black $25
  • Embellished with 3 bonus tracks, including an oh so “getzian” bossa-nova
  • All the tracks featured on the vintage record have once again been extracted from a high-definition transfer of analog tapes. We were thus able to preserve all the dynamics of sound engineer Federico Savina’s original mix and the beautiful depth of the orchestral cues.
  • An audiophile album supervised by composer Philippe Sarde and his wife Clotilde.


In 1976, when Georges Lautner and Philippe Sarde imagined the instrumental colors of Death of a Swine (Mort d’un Pourri), they immediately agreed to give priority to the smooth timbre of the saxophone. Lautner: “It wouldn’t be bad if we had a Stan Getz-like soloist…” Sarde: “Stan Getz-like?! But my dear Georges, we’ll have Stan Getz!” Faithful to his legendary requirement, the composer not only invited the jazz star to Paris, but already reserved the talents of Billy Hart (drummer for Miles Davis) and the 100 musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra.

A few months later, Getz arrives at Sarde’s home and deciphers the main theme in front of a fascinated director. “I immediately understood that I had the opening shot of Death of a Swine there, says Georges Lautner. I took a camera and I filmed him at Philippe’s ! We then colored the image and edited the sequence with the credits.”

The recording sessions will take place at the famous English CTS studios, the privileged
domain of John Barry’s James Bond scores. Producer of the film, Alain Delon of course validates the result, with the certainty that this soundtrack will mark the audience in the same way as those of The Swimming Pool (La Piscine) or Borsalino.

Today, it’s high time to rediscover this mythical album in its original lp format.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Paris, Cinq heures du matin
  • 2 Souvenirs
  • 3 Valérie
  • 4 Les Camions
  • 5 L' Attente
  • 6 Getz O Mania
  • 7 Christiane
  • 8 Élysée-Matignon
  • 9 Mort d'un Pourri
  • 10 Montparnasse
  • 11 Cafétéria
  • 12 Les Aveux
  • 13 Rocquencourt
  • 14 Tout est tranquille
  • 15 Dans le Regard d'Alain Delon