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LP Black $28
  • Camp Claude is a French-American-Swedish-English trio born in Paris in 2013
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • The group’s 3rd album


They are at the origin of the Sky Wave style that mixes dream pop, electro rock and cold wave. Diane, Mike and Leo compose together emotive and nihilistic ballads that seek ecstasy in a disenchanted reality. Their first Album Swimming Lessons, released in 2016, was widely received and applauded in media and tours, the eponymous track is now the soundtrack of the Versace perfume commercial. Their second album Double Dreaming, more electro, flew to Japan thanks to the Hermes brand, the single Hero was synchronized for one of their campaign in 2019 and the track Old Downtown became a staple of road trip playlists around the world. The third album promises to be just as disillusioned, but with a magnetic strength and passionate maturity.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Nothing new
  • 2 Crystal in my mind
  • 3 Everynight
  • 4 Moody Moon
  • 5 Make your move
  • 6 Trouble
  • 7 Right or wrong
  • 8 Game boyz
  • 9 Not alone
  • 10 Shadam