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Akari Kaida

Mega Man Battle Network (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Ship To Shore


2LP Blue $18 $32
  • First vinyl pressing of classic Video Game Soundtrack
  • Limited Edition Color Vinyl
  • Includes original artwork from the CAPCOM archives


“Lan, get our chips ready!”

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original Game Boy Advance soundtrack to CAPCOM’s Mega Man Battle Network, available on vinyl for the first time!

Debuting on the 32-bit GBA in 2001, Mega Man Battle Network was an innovative departure from the Mega Man franchise, taking inspiration from the popular wave of collectible card games at the time. Forgoing the traditional action platforming elements as was expected in a Mega Man title, Battle Network is instead a real time tactical RPG set in an alternate timeline to the main Mega Man games. The move of gameplay style proved so popular that Battle Network spawned its own prominent series of video games throughout the decade, and is a franchise still beloved to this day.

Composer Akari Kaida brings complex melodies and bombastic energy to the proceedings, brilliantly blending the intense action and playful antics of the Battle Network world. Now newly remastered, along with original artwork from the CAPCOM archives, Kaida’s score to the very first Mega Man Battle Network entry is finally pressed on vinyl – a perfect piece of nostalgia for those who were there from the beginning and a fresh discovery for those new to the world of VGM!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Theme of Rockman
  • 2 Hometown
  • 3 School
  • 4 In the Room
  • 5 Suspicious Mood
  • 6 Incident Occurance!
  • 7 Transmission!
  • 8 Fire Field
  • 9 Running Throught the Cyberworld
  • 10 Boundless Network
  • 11 Hour of Fate
  • 12 Cold & Silent
  • 13 Red or Blue
  • 14 Electrical Crisis
  • 15 Void
  • 16 Operation!
  • 17 Net Battle
  • 18 VS. Dream Virus
  • 19 Winner!
  • 20 Game Over
  • 21 Loser
  • 22 End Roll
  • 23 Theme of Rockman EXE-TGS2002