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LP Red $29
  • First time on vinyl
  • Pressed on red wax
  • Featuring Music by Bassnectar, The Crystal Method, Pretty Lights, Dada Life, Nosaj Thing, Renholdër, and Riot Music Team
  • Album Art by Lunar Saloon


The long-awaited — and absolutely dazzling — DJ Sona: Ultimate Concert Vinyl is finally here! Hot off the smashing success of the Legend of Legends: Selected Orchestral Works, iam8bit and Riot Games have teamed up once again, this time to bring to light the spectacle of DJ Sona’s preeminent virtual performance to wax. Spinning on your turntable, it’s a sonic experience like no other.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Kinetic (Original Edit) - DJ Sona, the Crystal Method, Dada Life
  • 2 Concussive (Original Edit) - DJ Sona, Bassnectar, Renholdër
  • 3 Ethereal (Original Edit) - DJ Sona, Pretty Lights; Produced by Nosaj Thing
  • 4 Sona Demo (Unreleased Base Material) - League of Legends
  • 5 Kinetic (Extended Mix)
  • 6 Concussive (Extended Mix)
  • 7 Ethereal (Extended Mix)