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Le Choc



LP Black $25
  • Composed by Philippe Sarde
  • Soundtrack to the 1982 film, “Le Choc”
  • Featuring Wayne Shorter and musicians from Weather Report and the London Symphony Orchestra


Five years after “Mort d’un Pourri” (Death of a Corrupt Man) Philippe Sarde finds Alain Delon for this adaptation of a violent thriller by Jean-Patrick Manchette. If “Le Choc” (The Shock) offers a rather watered down vision of the original novel, the composer chooses to give a boost. Sarde explains : “My position was this : to inject singularity into this somewhat smooth story. I get some really good soloists together for an unconventional score balanced between rock, jazz fusion and romanticism. I wanted it to be energetic with a modern drive. To me, “Le Choc” is a direct extension of the great blends in “César et Rosalie” or “Coup de Torchon (Clean Slate)”. A jazz-rock rhythm section, musicians from Weather Report with the London Symphony Orchestra, and the great Wayne Shorter. I asked him if he could play his soprano with a timbre like a bombard, an unexpected transposing of a folk instrument onto a jazz horn…" To director Robin Davis, this magnificent score will be a real lifeline : "With his music, Philippe told a story alongside mine, he brought “Le Choc” back to what it might have and should have been. And I love the invisible link with Lautner. After Stan Getz and “Mort d’un Pourri”, we’re still with Delon & Sarde but this time the saxophonist is a black American, Wayne Shorter.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Choc Melody
  • 2 L' Amour
  • 3 La Malle
  • 4 Symphonie Dindons
  • 5 La Folie
  • 6 Solitude
  • 7 Coup de Foudre
  • 8 Commando Schroeder
  • 9 Tendresse
  • 10 Le Charme
  • 11 Le Danger
  • 12 La Joie
  • 13 L'Épopée