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Charles Tolliver/Music Inc & Orchestra


Pure Pleasure


LP Black $39
  • Pressed on 180g vinyl
  • Band includes 14 horns, eight strings, and a rhythm section
  • Arranged by trumpeter and flügelhornist, Charles Tolliver


Trumpeter/flügelhornist Charles Tolliver often straddled the line between the lyricism of hard bop and the adventurous nature of the avant-garde. Released in 1975, Impact contained a stimulating progressive edge within an energetic large band (14 horns, eight strings, and rhythm section) format. Tolliver’s arrangements are consistently bright and build momentum, while the soloists are given sufficient room to manoeuvre through the multiple textures. Featured soloists in the remarkable reed section include Charles McPherson, James Spaulding, George Coleman, and Harold Vick.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Impact
  • 2 Mother Wit
  • 3 Grand Max
  • 4 Plight
  • 5 Lynnsome
  • 6 Mournin' Variations