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Ron Henderson And Choice Of Colour

Hooked On Your Love: Rare Tracks



LP Black $23.50 $47
  • Includes the first single of Choice of Colour: “You’re Twenty-One Today”
  • Contains unreleased tracks


We are so proud of releasing this compilation for the first time in history. Singles that were released in the early 70s-80s, including the first single of Choice Of Colour “You’re Twenty-One Today / Your Love” in 1972, are compiled. In addition, there are some unreleased tracks! P-VINE are confident this is a super-rich compilation that might surpass the original album released by Chelsea records in 1976.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Your Love
  • 2 Reole Rose
  • 3 Hooked On Your Love
  • 4 Peace Of Mind
  • 5 Problem Child
  • 6 The Other Side
  • 7 Nobody Will Ever Take Your Love From Me
  • 8 I Feel I Have It In Me
  • 9 Yours Is The Love I Want
  • 10 You're Twenty-One Today
  • 11 Baby I Wanna Be Yours
  • 12 She Pleases Me
  • 13 Sunshine