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Grindstone (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)



Video Game $40
  • Region Free – Worldwide Compatibility


Grindstone has it all — superb slicing n’ dicing, hilariously nuanced animation, subwoofer-friendly bass, psychedelic bonus levels, absurd item crafting, and lots and lots of heart because our barbarian muscle hero/hunk just so happens to be a loving husband and father. We’d be remiss, though, not to mention another critical bit – the brilliantly creative and satisfying puzzling mechanic that, even through hundreds upon hundreds of levels, continues to evolve and impress. Developer Capybara Games, famous for iconic indie games like Critter Crunch, Sword & Sworcery and Below, achieve true nirvana with Grindstone — truly, true nirvana. The Grindstone experience is so zen-like, in fact, we devised another perfectly zen thing as part of this physical edition: the world’s first Reversible ‘Coloring’ Cover Sheet. That’s correct! You, dear player, get to zen out and customize your very own Switch cover… and to make things easy, we’re even including progressive crayon colors like, “Vestigial Goo,” “Pancreas Pus,” “Bladder Bile,” “Spleen Spray,” “Sphincter Juice” and “Heart Pulp”. Bon Appetite – Your Gross Friends at iam8bit x Capybara.

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