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Femmes de Paris

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LP White $27
  • Recorded in Paris and mixed in London… This first album has been produced by renowned sound engineer of Elvis Costello, Shirley Bassey or The Pretenders.
  • Already seduced 200.000 fans on internet with their digital singles and sexy and funny videos… Enjoy some “fresh air” from France with The French Mademoiselles"


“It takes time and lace, to make a French Mademoiselles” the adventure of this chic and sexy duo begins with these words !

THE FRENCH MADEMOISELLES, an artistic collective run by two females singing :
Miss K.T (for Katia, french native) & Miss L (for Lexie, american native).

It is an interactive musical journey and quest that allows all women to understand how French women have created this spontaneous elegance and balance of life that allows them to maintain their professional and private lives simultaneously.

Pop and Groovy 12 titles album… Bubble gum pop made in Paris !

Always with this cynical 60’s vintage french movie atmosphere with a taste of Jacqueline Taïeb « 7 :AM » which cult singer brings their name…

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Femme de Paris
  • 2 Sacrée Petite Fille
  • 3 Mon Roméo
  • 4 Dix sur Dix
  • 5 Resto Basket
  • 6 Les Amoureux Schizophrènes
  • 7 French Mademoiselle
  • 8 Spaghettis et Caviar
  • 9 Bonbon Twist
  • 10 Mon Tonton le Boxeur
  • 11 Managere Legere
  • 12 Les Vieux Pleins de Fric