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Yves Montand

Du Soleil Plein La Tete

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LP Black $25
  • The sound of Paris – joyful, in love, sometimes dramatic
  • Limited Edition
  • Featuring three songs written by Édith Piaf


These 13 songs, performed between 1948 and 1953, in concert or on the radio, sum up a pivotal period in Yves Montand’s career – that of definitively acclaiming the status of a big star – and all that makes the peculiarity of his style and his repertoire. Paris is evident there in the sound – joyful, in love, sometimes dramatic. Three of these songs are written by Édith Piaf, and others by those who would become long-term companions: Francis Lemarque, Henri Crolla, Bob Castella. Light songs, the swing on the shoulder strap. And the first politically engaged songs appear here: La Grande Cité, or Quand Un Soldat, censored for anti-militarism.

Yves Montand with “Du Soleil Plein La Tête” has a smile in his voice, but without naivety – his eyes already open to the world.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Mais qu’est ce que j’ai
  • 2 La Petite Suzon
  • 3 Rien dans les mains, rien dans les poches
  • 4 A Paris
  • 5 Il fait des… (le fanatique de jazz)
  • 6 Toi tu n’ressembles a personne
  • 7 Le Gamin de Paris
  • 8 La Grande Cite
  • 9 Quand un soldat
  • 10 La Ballade de Paris
  • 11 Car je t’aime
  • 12 Du soleil plein la tete
  • 13 Faubourg Saint-Martin