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Don Juan

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LP Black $23
  • The well known Don Juan Legend
  • Features Brigitte Bardot as a spectacular performer and icon on the cover


With a new project called Don Juan 73, in which Magne met up with his old crony Roger Vadim again after the wreckage of the latter’s low-key Hollywood escapade. The filmmaker’s project with screenwriter Jean Cau was a rereading of the legend of Don Juan, now transformed as a female in the shape of Brigitte Bardot. Together, Magne and Bergman wrote several songs based on a fusion of cultures: an English rock voice (Mister Eye) over romantic melodies, all of it structured with themes that had a stoned atmosphere (Swedish Dream, for flute and orchestra), plus power-packed pieces that cast sidelong glances at Carl Orff.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Générique
  • 2 Don Juan et le Coryphée
  • 3 Intermission No.1
  • 4 Confession
  • 5 Keep on, Keeping' on
  • 6 Don's Waltz
  • 7 Don Juan, par Mister Eye
  • 8 In Days of Yore
  • 9 Swedish Dream
  • 10 It Ain't Right
  • 11 Hell's Angel Voice
  • 12 Intermission No.2
  • 13 Burn!