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Kristofer Maddigan

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course



2LP Black $20 $42
  • 2xLP on Audiophile 180g Black Vinyl
  • Music from Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
  • Yum! Includes 3 Recipe Cards Containing MDHR Family Recipes
  • Good Golly! A Bonus 18” x 24” Foldout Poster with Art by Shawn Dickinson
  • Music by Kristofer Maddigan
  • Album Art by Studio MDHR


JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH!! Half a decade and we’re still tappin’ our toes to the music of Cuphead — and boy oh boy, it just keeps getting better.

In this The Delicious Last Course collection of ditties, we witness the evolution of maestro Kristofer Maddigan’s old-timey tunes into unexpected yet perfectly poignant places. It’s everything you love about Cuphead, but with a little extra seasoning, evident from the first zippy gasp of the game’s opening theme, featuring a cavalcade of harmonized vocals straight outta the coolest downtown nightclub in the 1930s, arranged atop a nuanced and emotionally rambunctious undercurrent. After all, this is the conclusion to an epic journey, and the way our pals Cuphead, Mugman and Ms Chalice express themselves best is through movement and sound — so what you hear is what they feel. There’s a beating heart and dancing soul to this album — HECK YES!

It’s the big band bountifulness of your dreams, complete with extra special treats from developer Studio MDHR, including yummy family recipes and an exclusive, illustrated foldout poster that’ll make any wall more handsome. Delightfully decadent — yeah, those are the words to describe this package.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 The Delicious Last Course
  • 2 A Far Off Isle
  • 3 Chef Saltbaker
  • 4 Recipes For Ms. Chalice
  • 5 Inkwell Isle Four
  • 6 Gnome Way Out
  • 7 Porkrind’s Provisions
  • 8 Snow Cult Scuffle
  • 9 Prelude and Proclamation
  • 10 King of Games’ Castle
  • 11 Bourrée on the Board
  • 12 Bootlegger Boogie
  • 13 King of Games’ Castle (Rococo)
  • 14 The Queen’s Riguadon
  • 15 High-Noon Hoopla
  • 16 Doggone Dogfight
  • 17 Inkwell Isle Four (Piano)
  • 18 One Hell of a Dream
  • 19 An Ominous Stroll
  • 20 Joyous Promenade
  • 21 The Finishing Touch
  • 22 Baking the Wondertart
  • 23 Triumphant Trio
  • 24 A Chef’s Coda
  • 25 The Key Ingredients