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Philippe Cohen Solal and Keziah Jones

Class of 89

¡YA BASTA! Records


10” Black $21
  • Pressed on 10" black vinyl
  • Recorded at Substudioz
  • 140g


Spring 89: Philippe Cohen Solal discovers Keziah Jones singing with his guitar in front of a Parisian café.

More than thirty years after their first demos, the two friends present Class Of 89: an EP of four songs that mixes their respective influences, between electronic beats, electric saturations and acoustic warmth.

The project was recorded at Substudioz, with the help of beatmaker and sound engineer Marc “Babylotion” Damblé.

From the good mood of the feelgood “Give Thanks & Praises” to the revisited afro-beat of “Liberation, Elevation”, Class of 89 makes us hear what the music of friendship and creative freedom could sound like.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Give Thanks & Praises
  • 2 How Many Times
  • 3 Liberation, Elevation
  • 4 NO (2 letters)