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Ben É Samba Bom



LP Black $38

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  • 1964 sophomore album by the Brazilian samba legend Jorge Ben
  • Pressed on 180gm black vinyl
  • MPB + Samba


Ben é Samba Bom is the second album from Brazilian artist Jorge Ben, originally released in 1964. While many of the performers during the heyday of Tropicalia and the rise of MPB (música popular brasileira) opted for a more radical stance in their challenge to Brazil?s political and cultural authorities, artists like Jorge Ben took a more understated approach. Rather than use overly theatrical performance to shock the audience or write songs loaded with political content,

Ben became known as one of the country's great musical alchemists, a furiously eclectic songwriter who combined elements of indigenous Brazilian music with a groove from the west coast of Africa."


Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Descalço No Parque
  • 2 Onde Anda O Meu Amor
  • 3 Bicho Do Mato
  • 4 Vou de Samba Com Você
  • 5 Samba Legal
  • 6 Ôba LÁ LÁ
  • 7 Gabriela
  • 8 Zópe Zópe
  • 9 Saída Do Porto
  • 10 Dandara
  • 11 Hei
  • 12 Samba Menina
  • 13 Guerreiro Do Rei