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Yung Bae


Diggers Factory


LP Black $35
  • Originally released in 2017
  • Pressed on Black Vinyl
  • Featuring tracks like Doo Do Dooo, It’s A Party!, and more…


Yung Bae works in the future funk and vaporwave subgenres, releasing tracks online via sites like Bandcamp – the has released a total of eight on this site. These have received several million streams on Spotify.

Early releases included three volumes of his Japanese Disco Edits album series. In 2016, he released Skyscraper Anonymous, BAE 2, BA3 and Bae: Side B. In 2017, he released B4E.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 It's A Party!
  • 2 Suede
  • 3 Magic
  • 4 I Know
  • 5 This Is It
  • 6 She's A Happy Face In A Crowded Place
  • 7 I Can Tell
  • 8 Sunshine
  • 9 Celebration
  • 10 Doo Do Dooo