• Q: Has my order shipped?

      A: Orders that can be immediately fulfilled will be processed and shipped within 48 business hours (Monday through Friday 9-5, excluding holidays*). For orders placed around the holiday season, please allow extra time for processing orders.

      Orders that are waiting on backordered or preordered titles will be shipped when the last title on the order arrives unless separate shipping lines were purchased to break up the shipping of an order.

      Once an order is placed on the website you will receive an order confirmation email for the purchase and a second email once the order has been shipped containing tracking information.

      **A notice will be posted on the website if shipping of orders will be delayed.

    • Q: Where is my order?

      A: Once your package has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing a tracking number you can use to track your package.

      For orders shipped within the United States, if your tracking has not updated and you have not received your package for 2 weeks past the USPS estimated delivery date, please contact [email protected]

      International packages sent via USPS cannot be tracked once they have left the United States, until they have arrived at their destination. For more information on international shipments, see the International Shipping FAQ.

      All other inquiries regarding the status of your order that cannot be answered otherwise, contact [email protected]

    • Q: I have not received an email about my order.

      A: Check your spam folder.

      You did not provide Light In The Attic with an email address.

      Your order has not been shipped yet. For more info regarding your order, contact [email protected]

    • Q: I received part of my order but I am still waiting for something.

      A: In this case, you have selected to have multiple shipping lines, meaning you paid for shipping for items that could be sent out immediately, and then again for items that are on backorder or preorder. Those items will be shipped when they arrive at our warehouse or near their release date. If release dates change, Light In The Attic will provide updates via email and/or the website.

International Shipping

    • Q: Do you ship outside the US?

      A: Yes. We ship items all over the world.

    • Q: How much is shipping to where I live?

      A: Shipping rates will vary depending on the part of the world we are shipping to, the weight of your order, and the shipping method you choose.

      Below is a very general idea of shipping costs via USPS international first class shipping.

      CANADA | $28 | $32

      EUROPE | $28 | $32

      ASIA/AUSTRALIA | $28 | $32


      For accurate shipping costs on your exact order to your exact address, you can walk through the checkout process on our website until you get to the shipping section to see actual amounts based on the shipping method of your choice without having to complete the transaction.

    • Q: How long will it take for my package to arrive?

      A: Shipping times will vary depending on where you live. Shipping via USPS first class international can take anywhere from 2 weeks to over a month due to customs clearances.

      Customers in Asia and Australia typically will have the longest waiting times for their items to arrive.

      To ensure quicker shipping times, consider upgrading the shipping method to a faster option.

    • Q: Why does the package tracking system say my package is still in the US?

      A: USPS international shipping does not update package tracking once it has left the US until it has arrived at its destination. The tracking will show no movement on the package since its US departure.

    • Q: It has been over a month and my package has still not arrived.

      A: The package may be caught at customs and is still being processed.

      The package may be at your local post office waiting to be picked up. Call your local post office with your tracking number.

      The package may have been returned to sender.

    • Q: Tracking says my package was returned to sender.

      A: In the case that your package was sent back to Light In The Attic, we will contact you when the package arrives and discuss further action.

      If your package was returned because of a mistake on Light In The Attic’s part, we will confirm with you and then attempt to resend the package.

      If your package was returned because you have provided an inaccurate address (ie, you moved and did not update address, provided a wrong address) or you did not pick up your package from your post office/failed to accept package when it was delivered, and still want your order, we will require that you pay additional shipping costs to resend the package.

Changing an Order

    • Q: Can I add to my order/combine

      A: We appreciate your business, and would love to accommodate as much as we can for you, but recently due to the high volume of orders (thanks to you!) we are not able to accommodate modifying orders or shipping options once an order is placed. If you would like to order additional items, they must be separate orders.

      We are not able to combine orders to save on shipping once an order has been placed as well. Thanks for your understanding!

    • Q: Can I cancel my order?

      A: You may request to cancel your order up to 24 hours after placing an order (weekdays only) by contacting [email protected], but this is not guaranteed.

      Once the order has shipped, we are unable to cancel the order.

      For pre-order/back-order items, you may cancel your order at any time until within two weeks prior to the estimated ship date. Once the order has shipped, we are unable to cancel the order.

    • Q: How do I change my shipping/billing address?

      A: If your shipping/billing address was incorrect at the time your order was placed, please send the correct address to [email protected]

      Orders can be processed in less than 24 hours, so please alert us of the change as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee a successful change of address after 24 hours of placing an order.

      Once an order has been shipped, we are no longer able to update your shipping address.

Problems with an order

    • Q: There was an item missing in my order.

      A: Was your missing item a preorder or backorder item? It’s possible that you paid for separate shipping for that item and that it will be coming later. It will say on your invoice if the missing item was preorder/backorder.

      The missing item may have been out of stock, in which case you were issued a refund for that item and an attempt was made to contact you via email to let you know of the refund.

      If you are just missing an item on your order, contact [email protected] with the order confirmation email attached or a photo of the invoice you were sent so that we can easily access your order information and we will send you the missing item.

    • Q: My item was damaged/defective.

      A: – If you have a damaged or defective item, please send a picture of the damage, or in the case of damage that is only audible, such as a record skip, “dishing,” or severe warping, please send video of the record playing at the point where the damage/defect occurs to [email protected] along with your order confirmation email.

      We do not accept returns or offer refunds/replacements on cosmetically damaged items.

    • Q: I received the wrong order/item.

      A: If you received an incorrect item, please send a picture of the item along with your order

      confirmation email to [email protected]

Digital Media

    • Q: I didn’t get a download card with my LP.

      A: Not all releases come with download cards due to licensing agreements with the artists, labels, or estates. Releases that come with download cards will say so on the packaging.

      If the packaging on the LP clearly states that the title comes with a download card inside, and there isn’t one, contact or[email protected]

    • Q: I’m having a technical issue downloading my MP3s.

      A: Contact [email protected]

    • Q: What is the LITA DRIP?

      A:DRIP.fm is a new online music subscription service that Light In The Attic is proud to offer

      • The LITA DRIP costs $10.99 per month and offers three full-album downloads during the first month of membership of any releases that are currently offered in the LITA DRIP and then a steady flow of LITA music to download and stream each month thereafter

      • You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time

      • Audio is offered in the following formats: MP3, ALAC, FLAC, WAS and OGG

      To learn more about DRIP.fm and to explore the LITA albums that are currently offered in our DRIP, and to sign up, visit: https://drip.fm/lightintheattic


    • Q: I want a refund on my order.

      A: Refunds on orders that are immediately available to ship will only be honored within 24 hours of placing an order. Once an item has shipped, we are not able to cancel the order.
      Refunds are honored on pre-order/back-order items until the day the order ships. Once the order has shipped, we are not able to cancel the order.
      Refunds will be given for out of stock items.

    • Q: I want to return my order.

      A: All sales are final on orders. Returns are not accepted unless your item is received with a manufacturing defect that affects playback. In which case, please refer to the “Problems With An Order” FAQ topic.

Contact Us!


    • Q: When am I charged for an order?

      A: You are charged for your order at the time your order is placed regardless of the stock availability of an item. For instance, if you order an item that is a preorder or backorder, you are charged at the time you place the order. We do not accept delayed payments, sorry.

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