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Rick Mason and Rare Feelings

The Inner Dimensions Of Rick Mason And Rare Feelings

Groove Diggers


LP Black $39
  • Officially reissued on vinyl for the first time
  • Comes with Japanese OBI-Strip
  • Pressed on Black Vinyl


This album was recorded in Philadelphia in 1977 by Rick Mason’s band Rare Feelings, who also supported the band’s groove as bassist, but also worked as songwriter, arranger and producer. Every record collector specialising in soul and funk will want to add this record to their shelves, and the few diggers lucky enough to have it will be enthralled not only by its sound but also by its striking artwork. This sought-after album has finally been revived as the world’s first official reissue!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Rare Feelings
  • 2 Dope
  • 3 I Dream Of Love
  • 4 Funk Ain't Being Funky
  • 5 The Angel In My Life
  • 6 Metamorphosis Funk
  • 7 Song To God
  • 8 Two Against The World