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Akira Miyazawa


C.A.E. Record


LP Black $48

SHIPS BY 2024-07-05

  • Originally released in 1992
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • First ever vinyl release


This is the supreme duo work that Akira Miyazawa left with Takeshi Shibuya under the production of Maki Asakawa in 1992.

This is the first LP release of this infinitely beautiful collection of masterful performances, in which the painstaking exchanges between the duo are deeply moving!

This is the first of the precious records left behind by Maki Asakawa, who named it the "ZERO HOUR" Series.

The lively performance of Akira Miyazawa in his later years and the soft touch of Takeshi Shibuya are somewhat melancholy, and the performance, filled with the charm of jazz that has not faded away yet, is a work that can be leaned on by all kinds of people.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 野百合
  • 2 12+2
  • 3 秋意
  • 4 Beyond The Flames
  • 5 Sea Horse
  • 6 浜名湖
  • 7 Water Beetle
  • 8 Dozing Blues