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Technorider Tammy

Smilebit - Techno Rider Tammy: 2

Ookami Koubou


2LP Black $62

SHIPS BY 2024-09-06

  • Pressed on black double vinyl
  • Remastered by Shinji Hosoe
  • Comes with an obi-strip



"SMILEBIT -TECHNORIDER TAMMY 2-", which is a powerful work in the style of the classic mini-album and includes a small skit part, will be re-issued on vinyl with an obi strip!

The masterpiece "SMILEBIT -TECHNORIDER TAMMY 2-", a collaboration between voice actress Tomoe Tamiyasu, who is still active as a multi-talented artist, and a group of composers including Shinji Hosoe and Ayako Saso, the core members of SuperSweep co.,ltd. which produces and distributes game music, is now available on analog record!

The pop and psychedelic sound with the cute vocals of "TAMMY" aka "Tomoe Tamiyasu" who was a newcomer at that time, is addictive and once you listen to it, you can't get it out of your ears.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Smile Bit
  • 2 Tami-Ichi Disease
  • 3 Kirakira x Keeper
  • 4 Tami II
  • 5 Amazing guy
  • 6 Tami-Third Disease
  • 7 Yan-de're
  • 8 Tami - The Fourth Disease
  • 9 Wearing a white skirt
  • 10 Tami - Fifth Disease
  • 11 Algiers' Recommendation
  • 12 Polish !