Karen Dalton
In My Own Time
A beautiful, thoughtful record that has both folk and jazz elements. Perfect for making breakfast to on a Saturday morning.
- Willa
Roky Erickson
The Evil One
You can't touch these songs. They burn, they scream for brains - THEY ARE POSSESSED! Every song. Thank you, Roky
- Patrick
The City
Now That Everything's Been Said
So many catchy folky, jazzy gems on Carole King's first record. It transports me to Topanga Canyon circa 1967. Not a bad place to be if you ask me?
- Stephanie
Winter / Summer
Previously unreleased lost classic. Sooooo damn good.
- Matt
The Microcosm: Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986
How can you top Volume One?! The Perfect soundtrack to laying on a cold floor while staring at the ceiling.
- Brad
Lagniappe Sessions, Volume 1
Rad comp of contemporary artists and bands covering their favorite songs. Kevin Morby's version of the Germ's "Caught In My Eye" rules!
- Jack
Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward
Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2
Quietly transportive, atmospheric soundscapes. As soothing as a cool hand (Gigi) on your forehead after a fever dream (Charles). Listen to while drinking a glass of water, staring out the window. Self care in ambient form.
- Katie
V/A (distro)
Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978 - 1992
Killer comp documenting a little known place in Brazilian music history from one of the best labels on the planet.
- Matt