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Der Plan
Normalette Surprise

Medical Records


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“Normalette Surprise” is the equally important and ground-breaking followup album to “Geri Reig” and was released in 1981. It is generally considered the “sister album” to “Geri Reig”. It has not been available on vinyl since it’s original release in 1981. On “Normalette Surprise”, Der Plan further evolved their unique style of Neue Deutsche Welle into an ever-so-slightly more accessible record yet not abandoning their roots as evidenced by hints of experimental sound textures and their characteristic quirky yet undefinable sound collages and pre-industrial notions. “Lebdoch” opens the record and is a marvelous and infectious pop ditty complete with catchy bassline and pitch-shifted vocals. “Generäle Essen Erdbeereis” is a stripped down electro number adorned with a pitch-bending freakout.

Other standout tracks are “Meine Freunde” and “Das Insekt”. For this special reissue, the hit-single “Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel” and B-side “Rot-Grün-Tot” will be included at the start of side 2 of the record. The single was originally released in the time gap between “Geri Reig” and “Normalette Surprise” and both songs are phenomenal additions to an already intriguing and landmark album.

“Normalette Surprise will appeal to devoted followers of this unique genre and fans of contemporary artists (DAF, Saal, Liaison Dangereuses, etc). Similar to “Geri Reig”, cover and back artwork have been restored by Moritz R. Together, with “Geri Reig”, this album is an essential document for any fan or collector of the fascinating Neue Deutsche Welle period. This record is lovingly presented on 180gram transparent blue vinyl in a limited edition of 550 hand-numbered copies.

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